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Abtin and Company inc. jewelry is proudly made in the USA by jeweler and helm of the brand Abtin. Born from a passion for jewelry making that runs deep within his family, Abtin worked closely with her father to learn and refine his craft. With over two decades of experience in jewelry making, Abtin has developed an eye for jewelry trends and designs, priding himself on designing jewelry pieces that are fashionable and able to transcend across a variety of groups of people, regardless of culture or age. Abtin and Company inc. has built their reputation on offering affordability whilst also being both designed and manufactured in the USA.

The base of Abtin jewelry designs includes 14k gold in yellow, white, and rose. Their designs highlight versatility and can be worn in an endless variety of ways. With rings that can be used for stacking, wearing midi, or even worn next to your engagement ring as a stunning modern wedding band. Furthermore, with three gold colorways, Abtin rings are great for stacking and mixing-and-matching the metals. There is no boundary in styling Abtin’s jewelry designs.

At Nobles Metales, we offer a diverse selection of jewelry from designers that craft artistic pieces, masculine pieces, classics, and everything in between. Shop our selection of Abtin and Company inc. jewelry today for american-made classic ring designs in 14k gold in yellow, white, and rose.


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Can’t find an exact match of the piece you’ve envisioned? At Nobles Metales, custom made-to-order jewelry pieces are what we do best. Simply contact us for a custom jewelry consultation!

For alternate sizing of Abtin and Company inc. jewelry, please contact us, as we’re able to order your perfect fit from our network of suppliers!

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