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Kelim Jewelry hails from Switzerland, where husband and wife Halil and Meral founded the brand over 20 years ago. With the pair's roots in Turkey, they established Kelim with the inspiration of the Swiss countryside and the creativity of Turkish carpet and tapestry designs. With Halil and Meral at the helm of the brand, they opened the Kelim Jewelry atelier in Istanbul Turkey, where each piece is handmade in their family workshop.

At Nobles Metales, our selection includes sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry pieces featuring unique geometric organic motifs. From forget me not florals to interlocking bee mines, each piece marries the nature of the Swiss countryside with Turkish inspiration and craftsmanship. What makes Kelim jewelry unique is the brand's organic look and feel. From organic earthy inspired pieces to the raw finish of their designs, Kelim jewelry designs showcase contemporary interpretations of everyday motifs.

While refined and finished, Kelim’s signature look focuses on soft matte finishes, making the jewelry design the centerpiece of the jewelry. The matte finish also adds a contemporary flair to their feminine floral designs. Not only that, but the matte finish means they won’t show fingerprints easily and they’ll be more scratch resistant than polished designs.

At Nobles Metales, our goal is to offer unique jewelry pieces that offer something entirely different from what you’ll find at an ordinary jewelry store. Whether it’s our own bespoke pieces or pieces from global designers like Kelim, at Nobles Metales, we’re proud to offer a diverse selection of stunning contemporary jewelry.

Shop our selection of Kelim jewelry today for unique jewelry with classic floral motifs.

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