Lashbrook Rings: Timeless Masculine Designs for Daily Wear

For over 20 years, Lashbrook has produced unique and masculine wedding bands that push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from traditional designs. Founded in Draper, Utah, Lashbrook is a namesake to the founder Eric’s great grandfather. As one of the first groups to settle in the West, Eric was inspired by his great grandfather’s work in building cities in Utah from nothing but nature and the surrounding raw materials.

In each Lashbrook design, Eric draws on his great grandfather’s use of nature to lay the foundation for the booming state of Utah. Lashbrook uniquely uses materials like carbon, Damascus steel, dinosaur bone, hardwood, meteorite, and even seashells.

Lashbrook Designs: Unique Materials with American Roots

Easily recognizable by their unique striped patterns, Lashbrook rings use diamonds and gemstones, wood materials, fossils, marine composites, and precious metals. What makes their designs so unique is their use of these unconventional materials. Drawing on the resources available from the land, many of the materials used are uniquely found in the USA and specifically in Utah. The dinosaur bone, is one of very few deposits in the world that shows this unique agatized pattern. Its use in Lashbrook rings is characteristic of the brand's goal to create men’s rings using materials that tell a story.

Lashbrook: The Original Designer of Damascus Steel Wedding Bands

From conception, Lashbrook has been a trailblazer in men’s wedding band design. And with that, they were the first brand to design a damascus steel wedding band. Today, the damascus steel bands remain a staple in the Lashbrook collection.

Damascus combines two different types of steel, which are worked together by hand to produce a unique and eye-catching pattern. The beauty of damascus steel designs is that no two rings will ever look exactly alike. The strength of steel paired with the unique contemporary qualities of damascus steel makes them a great choice for wedding bands.

At Nobles Metales, our goal is to show our customers pieces they’ve never seen or considered before. With each collection we carry, as well as our in-house designs, we strive to transform the way our customers view jewelry. Shop our selection of Lashbrook rings today.

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