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As a jeweler and metalsmith, Linda Bernasconi fuses the craft of metalworking with the art of jewelry design. Her unique designs are respected by both artists and jewelers for their contemporary approach that has been featured in galleries across America.

Regarded as both an artist, artisan, and jeweler, her designs perfectly encapsulate the world of modern-day jewelry design. Combining artistry with innovation, skill, and candor to deliver anecdotal pieces that challenge conventional jewelry concepts.

Woven Metal that Marries Function and Beauty

Metalsmiths have long used the technique of weaving metal. What Linda Bernasconi does is uniquely bring the world of metalsmithing to modern jewelry making. Each of her designs is hand weft by her. Beginning by flattening the metal and hand-making the weaving loom. Her expertise of metalsmithing and eye for creativity marries function with beauty.

Inspired by the raw beauty of metal, each of Linda Bernasconi’s pieces creatively manipulates precious metals to highlight their natural beauty. What makes her jewelry pieces exciting is how she uses the metals in unconventional and unexpected ways. The resulting jewelry pieces showcase rich color combinations, textures, and dimensions.

Using sterling silver, 22k yellow gold, palladium, and platinum, Linda Bernasconi uses pure metals in original ways. From grinding metals into dust and incorporating them in pieces to oxidizing metals to achieve a bold style. Grungy and daring, her jewelry perfectly encapsulates modern contemporary jewelry design.

Timeless and original, invest in Bernasconi Design’s jewelry, which combines premium materials and original designs. Shop our selection of hand-woven rings in soft square shapes that are exclusive to Bernasconi Design’s identity and spirit.

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