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Discover Prehistoric Works: Historic Jewelry

Inspired by history, Prehistoric Works draws inspiration from the past to create jewelry pieces that commemorate and inspire. Marrying history and art, Prehistoric Works transforms history into contemporary jewelry designs. Indulge in a piece of history with jewelry that’s both striking and symbolic.

Transforming Ancient to Modern with Roman and Ancient Greek Jewelry

Prehistoric Works draws on the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome to design a cohesive collection with symbolic motifs. Protection, power, and divinity, gods and goddesses run deep in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Harness their power through the timeless jewelry designs of Prehistoric Works.

Athena, Greek goddess of war, is known for her protective properties. In ancient Greece she was regarded for having protected cities from war. She is rational, strategic, and wise. Depicted in jewelry as a pendant, Athena can be worn to offer its wearer protection, wisdom, and courage. Prehistoric works skillfully designs historic jewelry pieces that appear contemporary but are infused with symbolism.

Drawing inspiration from Roman mythology, Janus is known as the god of dualities. Janus, depicted with two faces in opposite directions, is meant to represent one facing the past and the second facing the future. Janus can be interpreted as representing transitions, new beginnings, and endings. For its wearer, Janus symbolizes new beginnings and acts as a reminder that today is the beginning of anything.

Every piece of jewelry from prehistoric works encapsulates the rich history and symbolism of ancient Rome and Greece. Relish in sentiment of historical jewelry. Discover the power of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. Feel empowered by the protection and courage they offer, while displaying their face in the immortal beauty of historic jewelry.

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