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Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces and pendants are the ultimate way to express your personality and style. Choose from our expertly curated pendant necklace collection that combines precious gemstones and metals to create distinct designs that highlight dimension and texture.

Modern, elegant, edgy, and playful, our collection of pendant necklaces is versatile enough to be worn by anyone.

Shop our selection of necklace pendants from Prehistoric Works, Kenzie, Kelim and our own expertly designed Nobles Metales pieces by Andres Cardenas.


Andres Cardenas, born in Bogota, Colombia, brings his expert vision and artistry to jewelry design. By pushing the boundaries of conventional jewelry design, Andres infuses each piece with a modern architectural perspective.

With every creation, Andres focuses on a feeling, encapsulating emotions and sentiments and bringing visions to reality. A large part of his design process involves direct collaboration with our clients. Specializing in custom jewelry, his close work with clients allows him to draw inspiration and ensure every piece tells a unique story. Each exclusive Nobles Metales pendant necklace carries with it a distinct feeling, cherished memory, and a vivid dream.

Embodying skill, creativity, and playfulness, each piece aims to capture moments and freeze them in time to be appreciated for years to come. Freezing the graceful movements of yoga in time and using the rich symbolism of nature, Andres’ jewelry illustrates his visionary art.

Beyond creativity and symbolism is the skill and expertise in each design. Ornate filigree showcases Andreas’ exceptional metalwork. Elevating jewelry from ordinary to extraordinary runs deep in the DNA of Nobles Metales. From reworking jewelry pieces to custom designing, transforming ideas and visions into exceptional original pieces is what Andres Cardenas does best.

Shop our diverse collection of pendant necklaces today!