We will work with SILVER as a main material for your Custom Design.

Silver is an elemental precious metal that is found all over the world. It is prized for its beauty, luster, and value. It has been used as currency, and manipulated into status symbols, jewelry, armor adornments, and household objects for centuries. In modern times, silver is the most affordable of the precious metals, and is widely available in the jewelry industry.  


I will be glad to schedule the work on your NEW piece of jewelry based on your request.
If you are ready to start your project please select the item bellow and we can start the process!!!
  1. You will receive an email from me with some basic questions
  2. Once I have the details I will start the DESIGN process and I will present renders for you to review
  3. Once the design is approved it takes approximately 21 business days to create 
Each piece is crafted by me in my studio in Marietta, GA. So it's a 100% USA product!