Men's Jewelry: A Guide to Buying Masculine Jewelry for Him

Yes, men can wear jewelry! In fact, at Nobles Metales, an overwhelming majority of our clients and customers are men.

However, for decades, the jewelry offering on the market catered toward men has been very limited. Unless you were content to just throw on a chain, watch, and a wedding band, there wasn’t much else. But, that has all changed! Now, there are so many jewelry options for men. And these aren't just regular jewelry pieces marketed towards men, the designs are masculine, cool, and just what every man is missing in his wardrobe. This is the kind of jewelry that’s designed for the man who doesn’t believe in men wearing jewelry!

A feature of masculine jewelry is that it appears effortlessly cool. This isn’t some crazy jewelry that you’d expect to see at Art Basel, it’s classic and timeless, without any overly trendy frills.

Now, let’s get into some of the key features to look for when buying masculine jewelry for him, as well as a few of our favorite pieces at Nobles Metales.

What Materials to Look for When Purchasing Men’s Jewelry

The truth is that there are no rules when it comes to men’s jewelry. If it makes you happy, buy it! However, this guide is about buying masculine jewelry for men, so we’re going to take the time to discuss which materials are best for exuding edgy coolness and manly style. 

Silver Tone Jewelry for Men

silver tone rings

Square Damascus Ring and Nobles Metales Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Contrast Band

Silver and grey tone jewelry is a no-brainer for men seeking jewelry with a masculine look. This could include sterling silver, stainless steel, chrome, platinum, palladium, white gold, titanium, and even zirconium. What’s great about these metals is that they tend to be much more understated than alternative metals like yellow gold. They’re also incredibly versatile, making them easy to throw on with any look. 

And, silver tone and grey jewelry don’t have to be boring! There are so many cool pieces that incorporate ornate designs and add an edgy flare to everyday looks. Damascus steel is one of our favorite grey tone metals for men’s jewelry. With its unconventional pattern, it’s undeniably cool. And, it has an extra masculine feel since it’s very strong and is conventionally used for producing knives and sword blades!

Unconventional Materials for Men’s Jewelry

unconventional mens rings

Zirconium Sapele Wood Ring and Cobalt Dinosaur Bone Ring

One of our favorite things about men’s jewelry is that it leverages unconventional materials! Where women’s jewelry tends to favor polished metals and gemstones, men’s jewelry fully appreciates the look and feel of raw materials. And, in today’s world, there are no rules! We mean it, anything goes. Gemstone rings for men can include the use of meteorites, petrified wood, dinosaur bones, you name it!

These unconventional materials add a distinctly masculine look that’s timeless and ultra-cool. Not only that but they also feel one-of-a-kind! These pieces are real conversation starters that you’ll be proud to have in your collection. There is nothing feminine about these pieces. So, if you’re a manly man, these pieces are for you!

Necklaces and Pendants For Men

men's pendant necklace

Janus and Janus Pendant

While men wearing rings is easy for most men to accept, after all, if they're lucky they’ll wear a wedding band every day for the rest of their lives. But, necklaces can also make masculine jewelry choices for men, if you choose wisely that is!

Now, it does take some forethought to choose a necklace that looks and feels cool and manly. If you’re not opting for a simple chain and you want something a bit more stylized, then there are a few things you should consider. For starters, ditch the rules! A man can totally wear a thinner chain with a smaller charm- there are no rules when it comes to jewelry and if a man wants a thinner chain or even a long piece that hits his chest...rock it! It's about finding your personal style and interpreting that through jewelry.

Cable style necklaces with sterling silver pendants are a great choice due to their understated nature. They’re timeless and cool, and you can even choose a pendant that’s meaningful to you. Pendants are usually where people choose to express themselves a bit more, whether it be faith, spirituality, or even an inspiring symbol.

Bracelets For Men

bracelets for men

Sola Bangle and Kenzie Bar Ombre Sapphire Bracelet

It’s no secret that men love watches! But, what about bracelets? Well, news flash, bracelets do not threaten masculinity. If anything, they look ultra-cool layered with a nice watch or even worn on the opposite wrist to balance things out.

Men’s bracelets can go one of two ways. The first is very masculine and made with rustic-looking materials like oxidized silver, raw leather, and cables. On the other hand, men’s bracelets can offer a subtle flash with polished metals and even gems. This second approach is especially great if you’re wearing a polished watch on one wrist and you’re looking to balance out the look. All in all, when it comes to men’s bracelets, there are so many options. Whether you choose a thin flashy bracelet or a thick oxidized silver cuff, we believe that any man can rock a bracelet and make it look masculine. 

Final Thoughts

The men's jewelry scene has undergone a significant shift, moving beyond the limited choices of the past. And, with that has emerged masculine jewelry, designed for a broader audience. The main focus is on designs that effortlessly embody a cool and edgy aesthetic.

Choosing the right materials is crucial! And, at Nobles Metales, we make pieces out of all different kinds of metals. Whether you’re looking for a luxe solid gold piece or seeking the understated and versatile appeal of silver tones and grey metals, our selection offers something for everyone. We even offer pieces made with unconventional materials like zirconium, dinosaur bones, and wood!

Once perceived as a potential threat to masculinity, men’s jewelry is now celebrated, with options ranging from rustic materials to polished metals. Discover our selection of masculine men’s jewelry online today at Nobles Metales. And, don’t forget that we offer custom-designed jewelry pieces that bring your vision to reality!