Men's Signet Rings: Contemporary Men's Jewelry

There was a time when the options for men's jewelry were fairly limited. Aside from the traditional wedding band, neck chain, or watch, jewelry was mainly reserved for women. 

But why let the women have all the fun? 

When you think about it, there’s nothing exclusively feminine about jewelry. With today's wide range of styles and materials to choose from, modern-day men’s jewelry designs are more contemporary and cooler than ever! Take a look at some of Hollywood’s most fashionable male moguls and you’ll see just how popular men’s jewelry has become. From the pearl necklaces worn by Harry Styles to the dangly earrings sported by Lil Nas X, these days, jewelry knows no boundaries.

Perhaps the most timeless, trendless, and least intimidating introduction to jewelry, and the topic of today's blog, is the men’s signet ring. Chic, cool, and wearable on any finger you’d like, including the pinky, they prove that men can wear more than just a wedding band or engineering pinky ring. Every modern man can rock a cool signet ring!

From minimalist to modern, custom, and everything in between, let’s dive into some cool men's rings!

Black Jewelry: Masculine Men’s Signet Rings

 black jewelry signet ring

Modern Man Star Signet Ring 

Colorless, edgy, chic, and totally timeless. Black jewelry is the ultimate statement of masculinity. But, these masculine men’s signet rings don’t start out black. They’re either painted, rhodium plated, enameled, or on occasion made from Damascus steel. While each technique yields a different look, each is characterized by its contemporary flair that’s edgy, one-of-a-kind, and totally masculine. 

When we imagine the type of man that would wear a men's black jewelry piece like the signet ring above, we imagine that he has a rock and roll persona and loves motorcycles. Well, maybe not. We can also imagine it worn by a cool chef who has a sleeve of tattoos and makes gastronomic dishes that you’ve never experienced before. The point is, they’re cool. Black jewelry is beyond cool and is so versatile, making it a no-brainer for men’s signet rings.

Mixed Gold Signet Ring: A Classic Statement for Modern Men

mixed gold signet ring

Modern Man Anchor Ring with 14K Yellow Gold

Mixing silver with gold? What was formerly considered a fashion faux pas has become increasingly popular and even trendy. All rules surrounding the adage that one shouldn’t mix metals have been unwritten in today’s world! Instead, mixed metals are embraced for their ability to increase versatility and cascade jewelry pieces worn on other parts of the body. 

Embrace the freedom that comes with mixing metals. We no longer have to think about coordinating the metals of our accessories (belts or watches) with the jewelry we wear. If you’re just beginning to wear men’s jewelry, a mixed metal gold signet ring is the perfect subtle yet contemporary piece of jewelry to get you started. It’s cool and modern, and it’ll allow you to effortlessly integrate it with the rest of the accessories in your wardrobe while adding a touch of masculinity.

Men’s Signet Rings with Gemstones

 malachite and sodalite signet ring

Modern Man Sterling Silver Malachite and Sodalite Signet Ring

Did you think that gemstones were only reserved for women? Never! After all, we can’t let women have all the fun. Gemstones are a great way to add a pop of color to your ring stack. Even better, gemstones possess metaphysical and symbolic properties, if you believe in that stuff. 

The choice of gemstones here is quite intentional and something you should take note of. When shopping for cool men's rings like the ones above, you want to think about the elements that can be incorporated to make the piece look unique, masculine, and modern. When it comes to gemstones, opaque stones like sodalite, onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli, and tiger's eye tend to exude an edgier masculine vibe than something like aquamarine. Of course, there are no rules in men’s jewelry! And, we implore you to wear whatever makes you feel happy. But, if you’re looking for a cool piece that’s masculine and contemporary, these gemstone details are something to consider!

The Signature Piece Every Man Needs: Custom Signet Rings

custom signet ring

Custom Modern Man Signet Ring

When signet rings first became a practical part of men’s fashion thousands of years ago, they were meant to be completely unique to their wearer. Men of that time would have engravings on their signet rings that were so powerful they were akin to signatures. In fact, they even used the face of their signet ring like a seal by stamping it into ink, wax, or clay to sign documents. 

Despite the fact that we ditched those customs a long time ago, custom signet rings with unique engraving have continued to persist in both men's and women's fashion. Not only are they unique and fun, but they’ve also become a popular way to mark achievements or milestones in one’s life. So, while we might not use our signet rings as signatures, we can definitely use them to signify special moments in our lives!

At Nobles Metales, custom jewelry design is threaded into everything we do. If you’ve been thinking about customizing a signet ring for yourself or someone in your life, discover our custom signet rings where you can choose a monogram, logo, symbol, gemstone, gold stamp, or whatever your heart desires!


In the world of men's jewelry, signet rings are completely timeless, mixing old-school cool with modern vibes. Black signet rings are edgy and cool, perfect for bringing out your tough side. For guys who love rock and roll or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you can’t go wrong here. Mixed gold rings break old rules by mix-and-matching silver with gold, making them ultra versatile, effortless, and carefree.

Guess what? Gemstones aren't just for girls! Opaque stones like onyx and malachite give off a strong cool vibe that’s masculine and modern man-approved. And, if you want to make your ring extra special, go custom! Thousands of years ago, men used their rings like a signature stamp. Now, we use them to remember special moments like accomplishments and milestones. 

At Nobles Metales, we're all about making your ring as unique as you are. Black or gold, gemstones or custom designs – your style, your rules. Dive into the world of men's signet rings and tell your story with a ring that screams "you." Discover the signet rings from our Modern Man collection for a style that’s as contemporary as it is cool.