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At the helm of the namesake brand is Rocky Pardo, a female jeweler committed to designing jewelry pieces that are unique to her roots and inspiration. Rocky Pardo’s split roots includes having spent time in both Madrid Spain, and St. Louis Missouri. These unique roots have lent to a visual eye and inspiration that is truly unique, combining contemporary art with fine jewelry.

Rocky Pardo’s raw handmade designs are truly unique. Blending masculinity with femininity, her jewelry showcases the raw craftsmanship of metalsmithing, whilst refining her pieces into stunning wearable jewelry suitable for both women and men.

At the heart of Rocky Pardo jewelry is duality. Duality in texture, in color, and in design. Combining polished metals with oxidized metals, or setting a diamond in the rough. Her collection is truly a duality of opposites, making it easily recognizable to jewelers and artists that indulge in her work.

At Nobles Metales, we’re proud to carry Rocky Pardo jewelry, as we feel a personal resonance to the brand. Their mission of sustainability and ethical sourcing of silver, gold, alloys, and gemstones is in alignment with our own brands values. At Nobles Metales, sustainability and ethical sourcing is considered at every stage of the process. Whether it be using recycled metals from our clients personal collection, or sourcing ethical gemstones that did not involve any mining, sustainability is always top of mind.

For unique jewelry that combines the quality of fine jewelry with the artistic creativity of unique designs that are unisex and timeless, discover our selection of Rocky Pardo jewelry today at Nobles Metales.


I see a ring from Rocky Pardo that I want, but it is not available in my size, what can I do?

Please get in touch with us. We’re so happy that you’ve found something that you love! If you know your ring size, we’d be happy to order your size from our suppliers. If you’re not certain of your ring size, we recommend getting sized at a jewelry store or ordering a ring sizer online.

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